Best Rehab Center in Dhaka

Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation – Best Rehab – Drag addiction treatment center

“Golden Life” is a non-political, social, non-governmental organization. Due to the reputation of medical success and the reputation of the organization, Golden Life has obtained the certificates registered by the Department of Narcotics Control and Department of Social Services of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, license numbers are respectively – 12 / 20014-20015 and dha-08076

Golden Life, Dhaka. Is the oldest and most up to date treatment center for psychologically sick patients, for Alcoholic and drug addicts? Golden Life started to work with addict in the year 2004. Today is the year 2021; we are treating psychological sick patients and addicts. It has been 17 years so many addicts willingly or given by their parents has receive treatment.

What kind of drugs did he use, such as alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, Yaba (Methamphetamine), sleeping pills, etc? What kind of physical and mental side effects would occur as a result of taking these drugs? For this, a special role is played by understanding the condition of the drug and what kind of treatment should be applied to the drug user.

Drag Addiction treatment centre / A place where drag addiction remove

That’s how a healthy person becomes addicted to drugs? & what kind of problems does he have in his addictive life? After knowing this we treat an addict person In order to bring a drug addict to a better life, he must have a proper treatment or rehabilitation center. Because a drug addict cannot stay normal all by himself he needs a good rehabilitation center to function all right

Best Rehab Center in Dhaka

Caption: List of REHAB Center / Addiction Management and Rehabilitation Center

Why Golden Life is Best Treatment Center?

  1. Golden Life started to work with addict in the year 2004.
  2. Very Confidential Treatment Policy
  3. A complete range of treatment options for individuals struggling with addiction
  4. Comprehensive treatment programs carried out by highly qualified and internationally acclaimed medical professionals.
  5. A dedicated staff of experts work together to create personalized treatment plans
  6. Comfortable and Homely living environments for after care.
  7. 24 Hours Medical Service Facilities

Does REHAB Center costs so much?

NO – Bangladesh Government help REHAB Center to recover drug addicted people. Drag Addiction is Social problem also, Government always help such organization to carry out their aim to Pull Out from Drug addiction. Government has made rules to help drag addiction rehab center.


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